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The Team

Andrew Schlossman

Andrew (AJ) Schlossman is former President of Revlon Technologies and former Senior VP with one of the premiere corporations in the USA, MacAndrews & Forbes.   Since 2012, AJ has devoted himself to technologies that revolutionize global business and communication.  He has trained 7 women who are now CEOs of billion dollar companies, and helped inventors of disruptive technologies expand worldwide.  AJ's latest venture is unprecedented in scope:  support revitalization of endangered languages, increase internet access for indigenous communities, and devise ways to harness and retain the wisdom and narratives of tribal elders.

Roberta Dexter Robidoux

Roberta Robidoux has owned several companies, her latest being a successful event planning business that organized major public events with high budgets throughout Canada.  Organizing translation for these events emphasized the importance of - and lack of - language translation in indigenous languages.  She altered her business plan to merge with LPT with the goal of making it possible to add indigenous languages to any event through automatic subtitles and interpretation using computer voices.

Sue Reager
CVO (Chief Visionary Officer)

Sue Reager designs and oversees the creation of inventive and first-in-the-world applications that use automatic text and speech translation.  She speaks 10 languages, knows the grammar of 40, codes in 4 computer languages, and has lived in 17 countries.  She designs software for subtitling , media translation, and real-time voice translation for conferences and education.  Her inventions are licensed by Cisco Systems, Intel, and used in 150 telecoms worldwide.  She also leads the linguistic testing teams worldwide for QC and QA.

Gerome Riley
Senior Vice President

Gerome Riley is a member of the Cherokee Nation and a specialist in corporate organization and compliance.  He controls growth and adherence to ISO standards, assures diversity of personnel and is the keeper of LPT's cultural assets.  Gerome has been the Compliance Officer for a Fortune 500 company as well as corporate processes designer for tech startups.

William Spear
Chief Financial Officer

Bill has been involved with communication technology companies since 2005, having first served as CFO for Wireless Directory Network and, from its inception in 2009, in a leadership role in Finance and Administration for I-Comm Comm Connect. He is now taking the lead on the finance side with Language Preservation Technologies. His varied professional background also includes seven years in retail management with the Timberland Company; Bill earned a B.A. in Political Science and an M.B.A. from the University of Southern Maine.

Mark Anderson
Chief Technology Officer

Mark is LPT’s Chief Technology Officer and comes to that role after having served for five years as CTO for I-Comm where he oversaw the development of leading edge webRTC platform. He has nearly 30 years of IT Systems development, design and management.  He led the Information Technology Departments and Software Application Systems for the US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Asia and Middle East. Mark also served as the Data Center Designer for Nexus Management constructing 2 ITIL Data Centers in Brunswick, ME and Dornoch, Scotland. He studied Electrical Engineering at Norwich University.

James Busby
Business Development Manager

Jim has a history of pioneering front end speech recognition technologies for Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, one of the early purveyors of such technology to be followed by working with companies such as Nuance Communications and M*Modal.   Jim has been involved with implementing Language Services solutions into some of the largest Health Care Systems in the United States.

Douglas Beckham
Business Development Manager Africa

Retired Navy.   Management experience in business sectors that include utility services, network services, customer service, call center sales, retail, restaurant operations, and government.   Researches public policy issues for members of legislature and drafts proposals for new laws.  Navigates proposed bills through the legislative process.  Writes speeches and attends private and public meetings on behalf of members of legislature.

Dr. Craig Kopris
Director of Linguistics

Craig is a PhD linguist specializing in endangered language revitalization, with an emphasis on Iroquoian Native American languages.  He is a teacher of native languages and co-wrote with the famous Durbin Feeling the "Handbook of the Cherokee Verb".  He also teaches in Canada for CILLDI (the Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute).  Craig has a strong background in automatic machine translation with specialization in languages written in other than the Roman (ABC) alphabet.  

Marina Vetrovec
Special Projects Manager

With over 12 years’ experience, Marina has proven expertise to manage the development and delivery of high-profile international projects. She holds a Diploma in International Trade and a Bachelor of Business Administration. Marina is a highly-motivated project manager with well-developed skills in; budget management, project plan development, logistics, execution, post-project analysis and reporting.

Partner Companies

LPT is supported by several partner technology and computer memory companies around the world.   Up to 9 companies participate together on each project to create the innovative, motivational and unforgettable technologies that are custom-made for each indigenous language.

Grusche Rosenkranz
Education Project Manager

Originally from Germany, Grusche lived for a long stint in the USA, and is now based in Spain.  She speaks many languages, including 2 endangered languages that she acquired without touching a book, just by listening and engaging in speech.  She is a trained linguist and language-teacher, having run her own language school for several years, as well as being an outstanding  translator and project-manager.  Her specialty is designing new systems for easy language-acquisition.   

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