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Perhaps the most important key to education and language-learning is television and internet media.  LPT and its partners have developed an automatic media translation system that includes - for the first time in history - not only subtitles but also automatic voice replacement for each character, as well as the option for subtitles.

Also, for the first time it is possible to create dozens of voices, enabling casting of a different AI voice for each character in order to give it its own sound and performance.

Perhaps even more importantly, past computer-style voices were monotone, and all were adults.  Nice, but had no emotion.  LPT can create voices with excitement, joy, sadness - voices of any age from children to elderly.  This range of voice casting for roles offers other performances to make the speech much more "human" than the previous monotone. 


Cartoons, educational programs, documentaries, conversations, interviews, live events, and so much more are all possible today with LPT.  The landscape for media translation has now changed.

TV subtitled cherokee beige black subtit


For live events that occur in real-time, captions created by professional captioners are automatically translated into subtitles in dozens of languages and distributed to the audience either by the broadcast company, or online with the dropdown menu.  An audience can also bring up the choice of language subtitles on their smartphone while watching the event on television or internet. 


As a general rule, people around the world infinitely prefer a program spoken in the voice of their own language.  Until now, voice replacement ("dubbing") has cost immense sums of money for translators, script adaptors, voice actors, studios, vocal directors and mixing.  Now, through LPT, voice replacement can be generated automatically, using incredibly lifelike special AI voices.  


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