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Children's Products


LPT creates technologies to encourage children to learn their native language - or another language.  Due to residential schools that punished children of the past for speaking their native tongue, or due to colonization again prohibiting Indigenous peoples from speaking their languages, children of today often cannot learn their native language from their parents.  Therefore, LPT solutions provide learning and playing while building vocabulary and comprehension for both kids and their parents. Therefore, LPT solutions provide learning for both kids and their parents, learning and playing together while building vocabulary and comprehension.

To this end, LPT creates custom programs, games, and interactive learning.  Most importantly, perhaps, LPT can bring learning to television and internet in the form of subtitles and voice-replacement, translating media into the native languages both with text and dubbing.

IND kid television subtitles green audio

Translated Internet / Television

Special software translates programs as both subtitles and computerized voice-replacement.   Shows may be converted from English (or other languages) into the indigenous language.  Subtitles may be displayed for the news, sports, documentaries; and voice translation for children-targeted content, animal shows, and other programs, bringing language immersion into the home.

Bilingual Education

Every classroom can be bilingual, including schools in the dominant culture.  When a teacher speaks in English (or another language), subtitles appear in the indigenous language on a child’s Chrome-book or on a white board or wall.  At a touch, a voice translation of the teacher's words is heard.  A child's answer in the indigenous language is translated for the teacher.

chromebook tent student NEW dual laptops
indigenous kitchen w tent Depositphotos_

The Technologies

This platform brings the elders, the language, and the culture to life for every child and viewer: the stories, the wisdom, the language, and the music so dear to their hearts.  The platform is trans-generational, a perpetual interactive conversation. It acts as a translator between indigenous language speakers and non-speakers, as well a language learning platform without grammar lessons or homework.

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