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Language Preservation Technologies (LPT) is built upon assembling a consortium of speech technology companies, language solutions experts, artificial intelligence experts, application designers, and multilingual project managers.  We bring new possibilities for immersion of young children in their language, even if the parents do not speak it, plus delightful games for family fun and language conversational improvement.  


The LPT team works hand in hand with broadcast companies, game developers, indigenous leaders, educators and linguists to invent new ways to motivate and preserve native languages in ways never available in the past.  The goal is to make underserved languages and endangered tongues usable in a wide variety of formats targeted most specifically to appeal to children, yet also applicable for business, education and entertainment. 


LPT uses existing speech technology when available inserted into our innovative and patented software.  When languages have no speech technology, LPT sets out to help encourage and revitalize use of the language through technology.  To accomplish this goal, LPT works with a consortium to create a series of 3 Engines plus an associated 4 APIs (Application Program Interfaces):

  1.  ASR:  Automatic Speech Recognition

  2.  NMT: Neural Machine Translation

  3.  TTS:  Text-To-Speech (turning text into computer voice using Neural technology)

  4.  STS:  Speech-To-Speech (speak in one language, hear translation)


When these technical options are assembled and available via API, then by using them in different configurations, the end result enables adding the indigenous language to a wide variety of applications.  Many of the below applications have been created by LPT, and new, custom applications can also be created:


  • Automatically translated and talking e-books 

  • Bilingual Education in the home and classroom

  • Television / Internet program translation as subtitles and dubbed automatic voice dubbing

  • Toys that talk and teach the languages through conversation

  • Digital learning games for children

  • Games for the family to play and learn together

  • AI-Conversation app that translates instantly when you speak as both text and voice

  • Multi-lingual medical app

  • Forms and signage translation

  • Automatic translation for kiosks, ATMs, and similar

  • APIs can be shared with any external application developer to add your language to their software


Unlike other companies, Language Preservation Technologies states firmly and explicitly that the speech technology we create for low-resourced belongs to the indigenous community and the world.  We are here to assist, to dedicate our expertise to help revive languages, and thereafter to support independent control.  Our concentration then turns to the various applications that we build and making them available to low-resource communities.

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