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Language Preservation Technologies

100% dedicated to revitalizing the use

of native tongues through cutting-edge language  and speech technologies.   


The approach both generates a permanent preservation of the language at the same time as it creates language learning immersion in the home, school and workplace. 


Revitalizing and supporting languages worldwide through Speech Technology:

  • Subtitles

  • Language games

  • Multi-lingual education
  • Automatic media dubbing

  • Verbal history "Elder Voices"

Language Preservation Technologies (“LPT”) is a non-profit language technology development organization formed to help halt the extinction of endangered spoken languages as well as to promote education and entertainment in all languages of the world.  LPT develops innovative products such as multi-language television dubbing and subtitling for most languages, and then helps preserve and encourage indigenous languages by building custom automation for text and voice, permanently preserving all components of these languages and making them appealing to youth, as well as making them available for subtitles, voice replacement, games and books. 


The technology concentrates on creating language immersion, plus a vast array of technology for teens and adults, crossing generational boundaries to support and maintain existing languages plus revive disappearing languages before they are gone. 


When speech technology does not exist for a language, LPT works with consortiums to create the 3 major custom language and speech technologies needed for 100% language preservation, plus a multitude of custom software for community language revitalization.  The degree of global urgency requires us to take immediate action, because time is of the essence.

A component of the preservation process is our Elder Voices project, an interactive experience that involves filming and preserving history directly through filming tribal elders.

plus technologies for book translations, business applications, games, and more...

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